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Linda Stoltzfoos Update

Posted on June 27, 2020 in Amish Life


Day 6 since Linda Stoltzfoos was last seen. Readers have been asking for updates on the situation. So I’ll share the freshest reporting on it. These points are taken from an article yesterday at Lancaster Online:


Authorities have gotten hundreds of tips. Many are vague, but they are processed to see if patterns develop

East Lampeter Police are “winding up their involvement in leading the search” of the area where Linda was last reported seen – in order to focus more on these tips. “There’s only so many times you can search the same area over again” said Lieutenant Matt Hess.

Volunteers were still searching as of yesterday

Hess repeated that they have found no evidence of foul play

The FBI has been involved since Wednesday, but the way they are helping was not disclosed. It’s not unusual for the FBI to provide assistance in missing persons cases

If, despite what is believed, Linda disappeared of her own choice, “police want her to know she is not in trouble and to contact police”

Some photos, mostly from the search Facebook page.


At 5′ 10″, Linda is rather tall. She looks to be about the tallest of her group of friends.


Praying for Linda.


Needless to say Linda being missing for nearly a week is not good news. I have heard from a local person the same things that have been said in media – that of all people, Linda would not be one to run away.


Those who know her best must be praying to be wrong about that.


Here’s the Facebook page for the search for Linda.


Anyone with information is asked to call the East Lampeter Township Police at 717-291-4676 OR you may submit a tip to the department’s CRIMEWATCH page.